LG Unveils New Blade Laptops with Thin Bezels

admin — LG @ 7:31 AM

LG LCD computer is thin edges. Your new batch of laptops Blade is no exception, as small edges more efficient use of space.

The 14-inch 15.6-inch P430 and P530 are very thin, although the body seems to be a part of these notebooks are a little rough. The laptops are 40 percent smaller than previous models, assembled the 14-inch model can be considered for a 13.3-inch-ONE designed.

Seagate Unveils World’s First 1TB Per Platter Hard Drive

admin — Seagate @ 7:22 AM

Seagate has recently announced that he came with 3.5-inch hard drive holds up to 1 TB. This is considered the first world, a 1TB hard drive barrier that the areal density that can be used in PCs today can break. The new Seagate Barracuda Hard Drive 3TB XT do something better with its storage capacity of 3 TB.